Investment Protection at Its Best: The Power of Whole-House Surge Protectors

Investment Protection at Its Best: The Power of ...

Power outages are one of the largest inconveniences that anyone can experience; unfortunately, these are becoming more common as grid disruptions and power surges plague big cities like Toronto. Read more

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Household surge protector for power surge protection

Everything You Need to Know About Power Surge...

7 June, 2018

What is a Power Surge?A power surge occurs when the voltage that flows through varying electrical units suddenly increases. Read more

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Power surge on a switch board

How to Protect Your Appliances from a Power Surge

Power surges tend to happen after an outage. When the lights come back on, it can damage your appliances that are plugged in directly to the outlet. Read more

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Surges And Disturbances

How To Protect Your Home Against A Power Surge

12 March, 2018

If you get your power from the national grid, then you wall outlets should have 120 volts AC power. Power companies work hard to keep the voltage of Alternating Current (AC) uniform. Read more

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